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Seven Levels

We named the business Seven Levels because this represents the Barrett Values model that is at the heart of our work. Seven is also a number that represents completeness and perfection and has significance in cosmology, spirituality, nature and biology.


Values are the guiding principles that support us in living a fulfilled life. Our values give our life clarity and direction and when we live in alignment with them we experience well-being and satisfaction.


Beliefs are the long-standing thought patterns that we all have that are ingrained in us from our family, culture, childhood and early adulthood experiences. In our work we support people to shift from actions based on their beliefs to actions based on their values.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the recurring thought patterns that hold us back and cause us to behave in ways that are inconsistent with our goals and objectives. Before we can shift to values led behaviour we often need to work with clients to shed and shift their limiting beliefs.


We all have needs and they are often linked to our values. Our needs are always present in our interactions with others and when we have unmet needs it can lead to dissatisfaction and conflict. Uncovering our values helps us to connect to our needs and communicate them more clearly to the people around us.


Fears come from our ego-self and are linked to the first three levels of the Seven Levels model. The three fundamental psychological; fears are - not having enough, not being loved and not being good enough. Our fears will hold us back from fulfilling our full potential. Through our values assessments we are able to give insights into your fears and work with you through coaching to overcome them.

Limiting values

Limiting values are values that can have a negative expression to them. When we have an over-focus on our limiting values they can take up necessary energy. These are values such as power, control and being liked. In small amounts and channeling in the right way they can be fine, but too much can hold us back.


All systems have entropy - put simply entropy is the amount of wasted energy in the system. Through our assessments we calculate the percentage of entropy in leaders, teams and organisations. This is done by calculating the percentage of votes for limiting values.

Personal mastery

Personal mastery, for us, is the process of meeting the needs we have at the first three levels of the Barrett Model - survival, relationships and self-esteem and overcoming any fears and limiting beliefs we have at these levels so that we can step into transformation and work towards full-spectrum consciousness.

Full spectrum consciousness

Full spectrum consciousness describes an individual who has awareness at each of the seven levels of the Barrett Model - that is survival, relationship, self-esteem, evolution, collaboration, contribution and service.

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