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We work closely with leaders to create teams that are connected, inspired and working towards a shared vision. Our mission is to help teams establish an environment where people feel safe, can reach their full potential and leverage their distinctive team values to thrive. Seven Levels team development programmes are uniquely tailored based on your specific needs and follows our four step process of Analyse - Articulate - Activate - Align.

Take your team to the next level
Whether you have a new leader, team or strategic direction, or simply have an existing team that hasn't reached its full potential yet, we can help. Our team workshops are highly experiential, devoid of slides, enriched with cutting-edge research and insights from psychology, and neuroscience, and provide a safe, enjoyable environment for transformative growth.

Our Solutions

Highly experiential team workshops delivered with zero slides in a relaxed and welcoming environment

Team Acceleration Workshop

Experience the essential ingredients of high performing teams. Discover what is required to take your team to the next level. Whether you are performing well and want that extra advantage or have challenges that you need to overcome, we know how to get you there.

Team Connection Workshop

Spend time away from the back and forth of 'busy doing' and strengthen connections within your team. Perfect for teams who want to reach high levels of performance quickly and establish strong relationships for long-term collaboration. Connect to transform communication, collaboration and creativity.

Team Values Workshop

Values are a compass that guide the behaviours and performance of your team. Uncover the unique DNA of your team, what team members need to be fully engaged and what will set your team apart from others. Discover and define the values that are going to bring lasting success and satisfaction to your team.

Team Coaching Workshop

A process for a team that is looking to engage in serious development to break down silos, overcome conflicts and define new possibilities together. Discover a powerful process that will support your team to create goals, set vision and engage in systems and strategic thinking.

Our Approach


We unravel the driving forces within your team using comprehensive diagnostic assessments and dialogue.


Through human connection and open conversations, we breathe life into the data, discerning what works, what doesn't, and what a high-performing future looks like.


Unlock your team's courage and creativity to outline the behaviors and actions needed to bring the desired future to life.


Synchronize processes, systems, and people management to support your high-performing team.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Download our guide for leaders on the five essential things you need to do to lead your team to high performance.

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