"The team acceleration session was truly transformative. We gained insights into ourselves, opened up to each other, and deepened our understanding of team dynamics. This awareness will help me be a more effective team player."

Taranga Lokuge, Tanfeeth

"The coaching sessions with Seven Levels has helped me adopt a different perspective in evaluating people and situations. The coach was instrumental in aiding me to understand how to behave with people and effectively read the actions and reactions of my colleagues".

Andreas, Jas

"The two-day team development training was very engaging and enlightening. The facilitators achieved to bring the team together, foster open dialogue and created an inclusive environment to learn and reflect. I highly recommend Seven Levels for training and development of the highest quality in the region."

Fragrance Director, Cartier

"The way the facilitators conducted the workshop, made us do a reality check of the real gap that exists in our coaching practices, and how to improve to get the real potential of our teams. I would recommend this program to those wanting to develop a self-motivated and autonomous team."

Sandeep Varma, Servier

"One of the most valuable workshops we have ever had. Values are the building blocks of everything we are doing. The team at Seven Levels have an incredible ability to draw out the underlying set of values that are so unique and bold to our business and vision."

Lee King, CEO, Hydro Wind Energy

"Thank you for being a light that has guided us to recognize our values within ourselves. It was great to discover how we belong to each other as a team with the same values. [The process] surely will help us to add more achievements to our organization."

Reham Yahia, Baramoda