Conscious leaders

Develop leaders with strong values, high levels of self-awareness and an open mind

Intentional leadership development
At Seven Levels, we are catalysts for leadership transformation, supporting leaders to navigate the complex and rapidly changing business landscape with unwavering values, deep self-awareness, and an open-minded approach. Our leadership development programmes shape leaders that can balance achieving business results with a strong care for people and having positive impact on the world around them.

We support leaders to lead authentically and ethically
Our intention is to equip leaders with the tools they need to make conscious choices, discover innovative solutions, and unleash untapped potential in themselves and others. Central to our approach is the exploration of values, we deep dive below the surface so leaders can understand the intrinsic motivations that drive and guide everything they do. These values are the bedrock upon which the leaders build a legacy that extends far beyond business results.

Our Solutions

Highly experiential leadership development journeys grounded in organisational and humanistic psychology

Leadership Development Journey

Our leadership programmes last from 4-10 months depending on your needs. Each journey follows a three-phase approach consisting of, Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the System. Leadership values diagnostics support the leaders' development and provides a constructive path to receive feedback that fosters leadership transformation.

Future Leaders Programme - for Women

Our tailored women in leadership interventions, designed and facilitated by female leaders, empower women to bridge the leadership gap and address the unique challenges they face on their journey to success. We provide a nurturing space that fosters confidence and authentic leadership, enabling women to thrive.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching empowers leaders and organizations to swiftly adapt and thrive amidst change. Coaching is focussed entirely on the leaders' own goals, strengths and challenges and thus proves to be a fast and effective form of development for your leaders. Combined with diagnostic tools we can accelerate the self-awareness of leaders and shift beliefs and behaviours that are getting in their way.

Coaching for Performance

Most managers misunderstand coaching and confuse it with consulting or mentoring. Coaching for Performance develops managers to effectively coach their team member to unlock potential and accelerate performance. The workshop is highly experiential and is delivered in a coaching style without slides. Leaders learn through collaboration, active coaching practice and live feedback.

Until you make the subconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Our Process

Values led

Our leadership development journey is firmly anchored in values. We help leaders to discover their level of personal consciousness and what is required for them to transition to the next level in their life and leadership. We are inspired by research into authentic and moral leadership.

Start with self discovery

Each leader starts their journey with a Leadership Development Report that explores their management/leadership profile. This invaluable resource offers profound insights into their current state and opportunities for growth and provides them with clear feedback grounded in positive psychology .

Bespoke Development

We craft bespoke leadership development porgrammes, encompassing self-guided learning, psychometric assessments, one-on-one coaching, and powerful group workshops. Every part of the journey is driven by a clear intention for personal and professional transformation.

Achieve Your Leadership Potential

Accelerate your self awareness

Develop an adaptive mindset

Mobilize and connect to your team.


Connect To Your Personal Values

Our values are the compass of our well-being, our decision-making, and our overall life satisfaction. Discover the core personal values that drive and sustain you in life. Identify the three values you consider 'non-negotiable,' recognize any potential limiting values, and gauge your current stage of development. This workshop is an ideal introduction to values work, promising an engaging and connecting experience. Contact us to know more

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