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Develop leaders with strong values, high levels of self-awareness and an open mind

We accelerate leadership development
Successful organisations need leaders who can navigate through the complex challenges of our time. These leaders are powered by strong values, high levels of self-awareness and an open mind. Beyond achieving results, what matters is the positive impact they make on the world around them.

We support leaders to lead with clarity and purpose
We work with leaders to enable them to make conscious choices, find creative solutions and unlock trapped potential. The foundation of our work is values, we deep dive below the surface where we look for the intrinsic motivations that drive leaders and guide everything they do.

Our Solutions

Highly Experiential | Zero Slides | Cutting Edge Research, Psychology & Neuroscience | Fun and Safe Space

Leadership Development Journey

The most powerful tool for leadership development is other people's experience of ourself. The Values Centre Leadership Development Report and values based coaching sessions offer a safe and positive way to receive feedback that is based on values and actively transforms.

Future Leaders Programme - for Women

Our female leadership interventions support our clients to address the leadership gap and specific challenges women are facing as they navigate their way to success. We create a safe and supportive space to build confidence and authentic leadership.

Executive Coaching

"Until you make the subconscious, conscious it will drive your life and you will call it fate". Coaching enables leaders and organisations to learn quickly and adpat effectively to change. It's a powerful leadership competency that empowers people to perform more effectively with greater satisfaction.

Coaching for Performance

Most managers think they're coaching but they're not. It takes 16-hours to effectively train a manager as a coach. Our on-site intensive provides ​essential coaching tools and transforms mindsets to create inclusive ​leaders who will unlock potential and ​accelerate performance.

Until you make the subconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

Our Process

Values led

All our leadership development is led by values. We help leaders to discover their level of personal consciousness and what is required for them to transition to the next level in their life and leadership.

Start with self discovery

We start by understanding each individual leader with a leadership development report. This gives us valuable insights into where the leader is currently at and where their development opportunities are.


We customise a development plan for leaders that includes self-learning, coaching and small group workshops. Every action we ask a leader to do has intent behind it.

Achieve Your Leadership Potential

Accelerate your self awareness

Develop an adaptive mindset

Mobilize and connect to your team.


Connect To Your Personal Values

Our values are directly linked to our well-being, decision making and overall life satisfaction. Discover the core personal values that drive and support you in your life. See which three values are your 'non-negotiables', any potentially limiting values you have and the stage of development you are currently at in your life. This workshop is an ideal introduction to values work and will provide a fun and connecting experience. Run this workshop in person or virtually.

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