Transforming Teams

Complimentary 60-minute Workshop | 18th August | 10:00am


Join us for this complimentary 60-minute workshop to see how you can accelerate your team performance.

Learn about the unique challenges facing teams in this region and discover analytic tools that uncover your team culture, connect your team together and accelerate performance. We will share our experiences using these tools to transform companies in the Gulf and give you tips along the way that you can apply to your own team!

Our unique 4C process takes your team on a journey to connect their minds and hearts, accelerate results and drive well-being and engagement.

What you will gain in this workshop:

1. Gain insights into the themes and challenges that we see with teams in this region

2. Understand the transformative 4C process used for team development

3. See how values shape team culture and impact employee engagement

4. Explore a diagnostic tool to map the energy of your team to unlock its full potential