The Power of Values - 20 October

How values can be used to unlock the trapped potential in your organisation


Join us on International Values Day for an exploration of your own values and how values can be used to unlock the trapped potential in your organisation. We all have values, they underpin everything we do, whether we are conscious of them or not. In this workshop you will explore your values and how they contribute to your happiness, well-being and success.

We will look at values through the lens of the organisation and see why the best companies have a strong focus on values at their core. We will also see how to use values tools to increase self-awareness, accelerate leadership development and drive connection amongst leadership teams.

What you will gain:

- Complimentary values assessment to discover your personal values
- How you can use values based methodology to understand what your people need to flourish and thrive
- Explore the Barrett Values Centre analytic tools to measure and transform the performance of your leaders, teams and culture
- See how you can increase the effectiveness of coaching interventions
- Assess how aligned your company is with your values
- How to build a winning organisational culture