Accelerating Team Performance - 10 November

10am-11am (FREE WORKSHOP)


Join us for this complimentary workshop to see how you can accelerate your team performance in 1-2 days.

Discover the analytic tools that uncover your team culture, connect your team together and accelerate performance. Hear about our experiences using these tools to transform companies in the Gulf.

Our unique process takes your team on a journey to connect their minds and hearts, accelerate results and drive well-being and engagement.

What you will gain in this workshop:

1. Understand the 4C process for transformative team workshops
2. Receive a free personal values assessment to help you understand "why you do what you do"
3. Discover how values can uncover and activate the DNA of your team
4. Delve into your values report for personal insights
5. Explore the link between Maslow's hierarchy of needs and team performance